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There’s No Place Like Dome

Malajube on How to Escape the Studio

Malajube - La Caverne The recording studio is a wonderful invention, but the daily routine in its cramped confines can lead to malaise. One way for a rock band to recapture excitement is to redecorate: prog-rockers Yes, for instance, turned their studio into a barn with bales of hay and cardboard cows for their infamous opus Tales from Topographic Oceans; Talk Talk recorded their post-rock tour de force Laughing Stock by shutting out natural light, burning candles, and losing all sense of time. More adventurous bands simply leave the traditional studio behind.

The latest to do so are Montreal’s Malajube: the twice-Polaris-shortlisted quartet recorded their fourth album, La Caverne (released April 19 by Dare to Care) in the woods in the Laurentians, at a house in the shape of a geodesic dome.

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