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The Unfulfilled Promise of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse It’s hard not to feel cheated by Amy Winehouse’s death. Not that she owed anything to her fans — apart from those who bought tickets for her shambolic concerts in recent years — but because of the unfulfilled promise, and promises, she leaves.

A year ago, in Toronto, ?uestlove, drummer for The Roots, told me he and the singer had been planning a supergroup; it never materialized. ?uestlove had also heard music Winehouse was working on with long-time producer Salaam Remi, and it sounded “amazing;” whatever posthumous collections are released won’t have met with her approval. A 12-date “comeback” tour of Europe, planned for this past month and preceded by a reportedly “coherent” private gig in London, was scuppered after the disastrous first show in Belgrade.

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