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Rufus Wainwright

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Rufus Wainwright Q&A

Rufus Wainwright has had an eventful and painful past year. Last spring in Berlin, he debuted Sonnette, a Shakespeare-based theatrical collaboration with maverick director Robert Wilson. A few months later in Manchester, he premiered his first opera, Prima Donna.

Rufus Wainwright

From his music, his videos, and his promotional photos, you’d think that Rufus Wainwright is a Wildean aesthete living in an opulent dream. Fittingly, on a promotional visit to Toronto, the singer, songwriter, and now opera composer, has found seemingly the only hotel suite in the city containing both a grand piano and a chaise lounge. But when he unfolds himself across the latter, his eyes bleary and his hair swept up as if by a rogue gust of wind, he comes across as less of a decadent epicure than a patient waiting to be psychoanalyzed.