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London’s Ale Taster

Great Britain’s pubs are closing at a disconcerting rate – 39 a week according to figures published earlier this year – as duty increases and the smoking ban have driven customers to drink at home instead. And yet, in the nation’s capital, a newly appointed Ale Taster is on a year-long pub crawl; according to Steve Williams, the glass is half-full.

Raise Your Glasses to 3D

It’s a Wednesday night, and northwest London’s Haverstock Arms is teeming with soccer fans. Large television screens, perched among eccentric bric-a-brac, show a north London derby match in English football’s Premier League between Tottenham Hotspur and their arch-rivals, Arsenal. As two young fans wearing oversized grey glasses stand up from their table to cheer the Spurs’ second goal, they spill their pints over themselves and their mates. Sheepishly, they blame the specs.