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Retail Activist

The signs on the doors of Selfridges’ flagship department store on Oxford Street in London promote giving “the gift of self-indulgence.” Having sold an £85 sandwich, a £1,000 Swarovski-encrusted water bottle, an £1,800 Spanish ham, and a £10,000 children’s electric car, Selfridges is not exactly known for preaching restraint. And yet, in launching Project Ocean, its creative director, Alannah Weston, is doing just that.

“Feminine Cuisine” at Montreal’s High Lights Festival

When your profession is dominated by male workaholics, the climb to the top can be dangerous. At 22, Renata Vanzetto has the scars to prove it: they run in ridges along her forearms and intersect the lines on her hands. But today, her biggest challenge is not to smile.