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Canada’s Love Affair with India Pale Ale

Behind the colourful name of India Pale Ale is a colourful history: from the 1820s, the beer was brewed in the English Midlands and shipped in casks down to Brazil, around the Cape of Good Hope, and up to India, where, having aged over the rough journey, it was enthusiastically quaffed by English colonists. Nearly 200 years later, in another former colony, it’s surging in popularity. But why are so many Canadian brewers now making IPAs?

London’s Ale Taster

Great Britain’s pubs are closing at a disconcerting rate – 39 a week according to figures published earlier this year – as duty increases and the smoking ban have driven customers to drink at home instead. And yet, in the nation’s capital, a newly appointed Ale Taster is on a year-long pub crawl; according to Steve Williams, the glass is half-full.


Since James Watt and Martin Dickie started their small craft brewery in northeast Scotland in April 2007, they’ve become the target of a number of choice epithets. Various Scottish organizations have called BrewDog “irresponsible,” “grotesque,” “abhorrent,” and “perverse.” The eminent English beer writer Roger Protz has even branded them “egomaniacs.”