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Roger Hiorns

Meet the Anti-Hirst

Roger Hiorns On a winding south London street dotted with down-at-heel convenience stores and forlorn former pubs sits the derelict Lawson housing estate; its paint is flaking, its windows boarded up, its balcony screens cracked. But if you walk through the courtyard and enter one darkened doorway in a corner, you’ll find a marvellous irruption: the brutalist bedsit has been colonized by large electric blue crystals that cover the walls, the ceiling and even the tub in the tiny bathroom.

What seems to be the work of mischievous aliens is in fact an installation called Seizure, devised by Roger Hiorns, who is capturing the imagination of the British public in a way no other young artist has since Damien Hirst. And while Hirst and his fellow Young British Artists bolstered their larger-than-life personalities through their art, the 34-year-old Hiorns seeks to do exactly the opposite: He wants nothing less, he says, than to "squeeze the idea of subjectivity from art.”

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