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Pat Metheny & Jaga Jazzist

Robots & Norsemen Are the Future of Jazz

Jan. 23, 2010

Jaga At the close of the Aughts, jazz was often described as an endangered art form. A much-ballyhooed piece last year in the Wall Street Journal argued that the audience for the music in its native U.S. was "both aging and shrinking at an alarming rate."

Possibly writer Terry Teachout was being overly alarmist — all of the arts have suffered in the recession, and jazz education is a growing field. That said, stagnation is a valid fear, and if jazz is to thrive in the Teens, its creators will need to resist retrenchment. On Tuesday, two of the genre’s most forward-thinking acts are releasing albums that do just that. Should others follow suit, the future of jazz will be complex and vibrant indeed.

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