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On the Town with Derek Trucks

Of Sliders and Slide Guitars

Derek Trucks “Man, that was like a slingshot!” Derek Trucks, world-renowned slide guitarist, praises the pitching motion of Toronto Blue Jays perennial all-star Roy Halladay, possessor of a mean slider.

Trucks is sitting near first base at the Rogers Centre with his wife, blues singer and guitarist Susan Tedeschi, and their children, Charlie, 7, and Sophia, 4, admiring the work of Halladay, who is all focus when he’s performing. Similarly, when Trucks plays one of his stirring solos with his inimitable sound (lyrical and yearning in the high register, snarling in the bass), he stands still, with an air of concentration. Trucks idolizes saxist John Coltrane, a “stoic figure. There’s enough people jumping around onstage. We’ve got work to do!”

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