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Not-So-Great Divides

Bloc And Parti Quebecois May Be Diminished, But Never Rule Out Separatist Fervour In Canada

Bloc Quebecois With the near-annihilation of the Bloc Québecois in May’s federal election and the recent implosion of the Parti Québecois, one could be forgiven for assuming separatist sentiment is on the wane in Canada.

Yet the election to Parliament of a one-time Newfoundland separatist reminds us of how Quebec has never had a monopoly on secessionist desires. In 2008, as editor of the St. John’s newspaper The Independent, Ryan Cleary extolled the potential virtues of an independent Newfoundland and Labrador: "We could even declare this place a tax-free zone like the Cayman Islands. We could do whatever the heck we want," he wrote.

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