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Michael Franti

On the Practice Court

Michael Franti Michael Franti loves arena tours: There are massive crowds to be won over, big stages to jump around on … and most importantly, NBA practice courts. When the singer/songwriter and his reggae/hip-hop/folk/rock band Spearhead opened for John Mayer on a North American tour this past winter, they would often coax their way into professional basketball facilities. “It would always be an off-day for the team,” he recalls, “so the coaches would come out and throw us balls, and we’d shoot and go through drills.”

In the ’80s, he played shooting guard for the University of San Francisco. Now, on the afternoon before his own headlining show at Kool Haus, the 6-foot-6 Franti is smoothly draining 20-foot jumpers from both sides of a basket on the Raptors’ practice court. Admittedly, he cuts an incongruous figure, with waist-length dreads and bare feet.

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