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Martha & The Muffins

Return to Echo Beach

M M Sometimes Mark Gane feels as if he’s living in a Talking Heads song. “I look around, and it’s like ‘Once in a Lifetime,’” says the guitarist, singer, and songwriter for Martha & The Muffins. “‘Look at my beautiful car and my house. How did I get here?’ I can’t really explain how it’s all happened. It constantly astounds me.”

Neither Gane nor singer/keyboardist Martha Johnson (as the song goes, his “beautiful wife”) expected to make a living as a musician when they started their band in 1977, but a hit single tends to dictate its own terms. The international success of “Echo Beach” (1980), an escapist pop tune about escape from their first album, set them off along a long, bewildering career path that would sustain them but also eventually dishearten them too. It has taken 18 years for the Muffins to follow up their 1992 album Modern Lullaby: a new release, the darkly textured and sultry Delicate, finally hits the stands this week. Only the crumbling of the music industry, it turns out, could renew the musical drive they thought they’d lost long ago.

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