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Hip-Hop’s Troubadour

K'Naan If you want proof that success hasn’t changed K’naan, just look at him. “Man, they lied to me!" he laughs over the phone from a tour stop in Lincoln, Neb. "They say, ‘When you become popular, you start to gain a little bit of weight.’ I’ve been waiting to be un-skinny forever."

Few, if any, MCs in hip-hop cut as recognizable a figure on stage as K’naan does: He’s sapling-thin, sporting a dangling goatee and an Afro that’s nearly always shaded by a broad-brimmed hat. Often he slings a hand drum over his shoulder: It allows him to accompany himself when he raps, and it also asserts a connection with his Somalian heritage. His experience growing up in – and barely escaping from – war-torn Mogadishu instilled in him a sense of purpose that helps him see through the allure of superstar excess.

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