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Kanye West and Pop Art

Kanye If you believe Kanye West’s own hype about his new album, 808s and Heartbreak, he hasn’t just turned away from hip hop. He has invented a new genre of music.

He calls it “pop art,” offering no apologies to the likes of Andy Warhol. As West told the Irish Times last week, it’s “not to be confused with the visual art movement.” Rather, he’s making pop music “in an artistic way.”

But what exactly does this mean? The rotoscoped images of Warhol’s soup cans in the video for West’s new song, Heartless, suggest there may be more of a connection between the two “pop arts” than the MC-producer-entrepreneur will admit.

More about Kanye West and 808s and Heartbreak at CBC.ca

— Originally appeared on Nov. 27, 2008


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