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Jeff Beck

At 65, Jeff Beck is playing Puccini and Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Jeff Beck For 45 years, Jeff Beck has been the guitar hero’s guitar hero. He can make his Fender Stratocasters and Oxblood Les Pauls talk, sing, squawk and wail at fever pitch, without ever grandstanding. So in an age where music video games have made pyrotechnics de rigueur, one might expect that a new Jeff Beck album would lay waste to those of his fellow axemen with awesome speed-of-light shredding.

But Beck is also the contrarian’s contrarian. On Emotion and Commotion, his first release in seven years, the man who bailed out of playing Woodstock and passed up a chance to become a Rolling Stone dials down the testosterone. For much of the album, he plays soaring melodies with an orchestra, including such non-rock fare as Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

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