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Holy Fuck

F-Bomb Threat

Holy Fuck It’s one of the most versatile words in the English language, but the so-called "f-bomb" remains, for many, one of the most offensive. Not that this was a concern when Toronto’s Graham Walsh and Brian Borcherdt first deployed it in the name of their band — they just figured "Holy fuck," as an expression of astonishment, was self-deprecating.

After all, back in 2004, they were, as Borcherdt puts it, just "some friends getting up onstage with little trinkets and noisemakers and doing their best to make something musical." Since then, Holy Fuck have played major festivals such as Glastonbury and Coachella, soundtracked commercials, been praised by the likes of Lou Reed and Michael Stipe, and recorded three increasingly complex, richly textured albums — the latest of which, Latin, will be released tomorrow. They still use cheap, second-hand plastic gadgets, but the sounds they create with them are propulsive and exhilarating. Self-deprecation be damned– these days, Holy Fuck are doing their best to truly live up to their own name.

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