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Amrut:  Where Glasgow Met Gangtok

Amrut Fusion It’s been said that Amrut Distillery makes the best whisky outside of Scotland (by Whisky Magazine, 2011), the third-best whisky in the world (by Jim Murray, in Whisky Bible 2010), or the best whisky in the world (Malt Advocate magazine, 2011). And yet, it doesn’t put the age of its single malts on its bottles. Why? It’s afraid no one would buy them.

Ensconced in the dining room of the august Albany Club in downtown Toronto, where the members-only bar features luxurious, well-aged single-malt scotches, Amrut’s brand ambassador, Ashok Chokalingam, explains. “A man walking down the street without knowing much about the brand wouldn’t understand. He’d say, ‘Why should I pay $50 for a bottle of five-year-old whisky?’ ”

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