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Movies & Music at the Toronto International Film Festival

The Soundtrack Takes Centre Stage

Score Album sales may be stagnant, and the summer touring season was a let-down, but no one seems to be tiring of stories about musicians. Consider, if you will, the unstoppable run of music-competition reality shows, the recent spate of heavy-metal memoirs, the runaway success of Glee, and the fact that this year, TIFF will present seven feature films where music plays a central role.

Leading off the slate, and the festival itself, is Score: A Hockey Musical. Having ogled hockey players on figure skates in Battle of the Blades, Canadians are now apparently ready to watch them singing as well, and waltzing as they drop their gloves. Director Michael McGowan’s film is an old-school musical, with none of Glee’s contrivances to make musical numbers “realistic;” in Score, characters burst into song spontaneously, at the drop of a puck.

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