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Dan Black

Dan Black’s Immunity to Hype

Dan Black “Music’s about being the right thing at the right time in the right place," says Dan Black, "and you can’t really engineer that." If anyone should know, it’s he: Some 15 years after the singer, songwriter and producer started his career in London, he looks as though he might, all of a sudden, break through in North America.

We wouldn’t want to jinx him though: He’s been through this before in his native U.K. As he sings on his current single, ‘Symphonies’ – the one that’s been blogged about by Kanye West and Perez Hilton, remixed with rapper du jour Kid Cudi and spun repeatedly on L.A.’s highly influential station KROQ – "Dreams, schemes, moments wasted / Taste that tasted, fate I’m fated / Re-edited again then copy-pasted."

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