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Courtney Love

Celebrity, Skinned

Courtney Love “You can take me anywhere," Courtney Love says. Had she made this statement five or six years ago, when she was busy flashing David Letterman, stumbling into Pamela Anderson and getting arrested with startling frequency, it would have ranked as one of her more outlandish pronouncements. But now, post-rehab, and with a powerful comeback album to promote, she sounds lucid and strikingly intelligent; she might even be eminently presentable – if a little manic.

As she speaks, on the phone from Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont hotel, she’s simultaneously looking down at the swimming pool ("Matthew McConaughey’s torso isn’t the worst sight in the world"), doing leg lifts ("The one thing that doesn’t look the same on me is my ass, and that’s a tragedy, because I had a pretty majestic one") and poring over her laptop ("Yesterday Facebook referred my mother to be my friend. It’s the first time I’ve had contact with her in 20-some years. I wrote, ‘This is actually funny,’ and just sent her that. I didn’t apply to be her friend or anything").

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