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Album Review: Femme Fatale, by Britney Spears

In the video for Hold It Against Me, the first single from her seventh album, Femme Fatale, Britney Spears looms over the ground in a gigantic wedding dress, fights a double of herself in acrobatic slow motion, shoots neon paint out of her fingertips … and checks out the dating website plentyoffish.com.

Album Review: Michael, by Michael Jackson

Good news about Michael Jackson’s first posthumous collection: for one thing, it’s short.

Album Review: Robyn

Anyone who’s skeptical about the power of pop music to evoke emotional complexity should listen to Call Your Girlfriend, the centrepiece of Swedish pixie Robyn’s new collection. Alongside production euphoric enough to induce butterflies (with whooshes of synths and bounding arpeggios), Robyn sings from the point of view of someone trying to convince her lover to break things off with his girlfriend. She sounds simultaneously hopeful, sweet, sympathetic, hectoring, narcissistic and somewhat desperate.

Album Review: Le Noise by Neil Young

Each new Neil Young album offers something unexpected, and his 33rd is no different: It’s the first he’s ever named in Franglais. Perhaps the California resident is feeling nostalgic for the country of his birth, and indeed, he references Toronto in two of the album’s eight tracks. But the title is also a pun on the name of Canadian producer Daniel Lanois, whose sonic interventions help make Le Noise one of Young’s strongest-ever albums in concept and execution.