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Book Review: Daniel Lanois

Two-thirds of the way into his memoir, Daniel Lanois describes his approach in recording Bob Dylan’s album Time Out of Mind: “I wanted the shadows to hold hidden secrets, for the details to pique the curiosity of a viewer … I wanted the sunlight in the portrait to outlive us all, and be blazing with premonition, hope and redemption.”

Book Review: Keith Richards

Two-thirds of the way through his sprawling autobiography, Keith Richards pauses for a rare moment of introspection. “Image is like a long shadow,” he offers. “It’s impossible not to end up being a parody of what you thought you were.”

Book Reviews: Fred Inglis & China Mieville

As Z-list celebs swarm our TVs, websites, and glossy magazines, a number of questions arise. Who are these people? What do they want with us? And what could we possibly want with them?