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Why Animals Attract

Caribou When Caribou (a.k.a. Dan Snaith) won the 2008 Polaris Prize for his album Andorra, he celebrated in his own particular way: by disappearing back into his home studio in London, England. "Apart from a nice financial boost," he says, "it was like nothing had happened."

It’s not that he was unappreciative — winning the prize "was all very surreal but really affirming as well" — but rather that there was work to do. Most caribous don’t hibernate, but Snaith, who was apparently gifted his musical nom-de-plume by a bear that appeared to him during an acid trip, is a special case. After a year and a half spent crafting six or seven hundred parts of new electronic-meets-acoustic tracks, he’s at last emerging, with a nine-song new album, Swim.

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