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Bootsy Collins

Star Man

Bootsy From the bottom of his platform boots to the top of his stovepipe hat, Bootsy Collins is one larger-than-life character. But in his dressing room at Metropolis before a Montreal Jazz Festival show, surrounded by his sparkly robes and ruffs, the bassist becomes introspective.

“I was always trying to be Bootsy, to create Bootsy, to be more Bootsy than I was,” Collins says, his star-shaped mirror shades dazzling in the vanity’s bright lights. In the early ’70s, after breaking with James Brown and joining George Clinton’s Parliament/Funkadelic crew, Collins developed a cartoonish, alien alter ego and branded himself as “Bootzilla,” a “rhinestone rock star doll.” As Parliament took off with hits such as “Mothership Connection” and “Flash Light,” Collins’ reinvention became almost too successful.

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