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Book Reviews: Fred Inglis & China Mieville

Fred Inglis:  A Short History of Celebrity

Short History of Celebrity As Z-list celebs swarm our TVs, websites, and glossy magazines, a number of questions arise. Who are these people? What do they want with us? And what could we possibly want with them? Inglis, a 73-year-old retired professor from Somerset, may not be an expert on the escapades of the Kardashian sisters, but he can supply some much-needed cultural context.

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China Mieville:  Kraken

London has been copiously mythologized in literature since T.S. Eliot called it an “Unreal City” in The Waste Land, but Kraken ups the ante considerably. China Miéville’s seventh novel taps into the British capital’s well of story with such force that it comes gushing out, drowning restraint and good taste, and thrilling all the while.

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