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Berlin by Night

Exploring the German Capital’s Weird and Wonderful Bars

Berlin - Republik Berlin is not Germany — or so I’m told repeatedly by people who live in the city, over my four days in the country’s capital. They mean this in a good way: It’s unique, they say, because of its lack of regulations, its large and increasing immigrant population, its bohemian flavour, and its open, experimental spirit. Given these qualities, it’s unsurprising that the nightlife is fantastic.

“It’s been a unique place for a long time,” says Jake Fairley, a.k.a. Canadian expat techno producer Fairmont, who came to Berlin in 2004. It’s early on a Monday afternoon, and we’re sipping hair-of-the-dog pints of Berliner Pils with his flatmate and fellow producer, Sheldon “Sid Le Rock” Thompson in an old-school tavern called Schnelle Quelle (“Quick Source”) in Mitte, on the former East side. There’s all manner of bric-a-brac on the walls; an electric darts machine lurks at the back, and naughty Victorian pictures adorn the doors.

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