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Album Review: Robyn

Body Talk

Robyn - Body Talk Anyone who’s skeptical about the power of pop music to evoke emotional complexity should listen to Call Your Girlfriend, the centrepiece of Swedish pixie Robyn’s new collection. Alongside production euphoric enough to induce butterflies (with whooshes of synths and bounding arpeggios), Robyn sings from the point of view of someone trying to convince her lover to break things off with his girlfriend. She sounds simultaneously hopeful, sweet, sympathetic, hectoring, narcissistic and somewhat desperate.

It’s the tour de force on a CD full of highlights, and one of five new songs here: Although Body Talk has been billed as Robyn’s third album this year, it also collects 10 tracks from previous releases Body Talk Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. Before the downloading era, this would have been seen as a simple cash-grab; now, it’s an opportunity to graft together the strongest release of Robyn’s career — not every song is killer, but they’re at least set to stun.

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