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Album Review: Bryan Ferry

Olympia:  A Whirl of Foxy Music

Bryan Ferry - Olympia Kate Moss lounges upside-down on the cover of Bryan Ferry’s latest album, glammed up like a Roxy Music babe from the ’70s, her hair splayed out and her mouth slightly open, expectant. The album’s title casts her in a modern-day version of Edouard Manet’s infamous painting Olympia, which itself referred back to Renaissance paintings of lounging Venuses.

Manet’s subject wasn’t a goddess but rather a courtesan; her frank sexuality, in 1863, was shocking. Not so much with Moss in 2010.

So is Ferry, with his first album of (mostly) original material since 2002, trying to épater la bourgeoisie? Or is he satirizing the world of high fashion? Indulging in a glamorous fantasy? Proving he’s hip to a younger generation? Reminding people of his earlier band? Or is the former art-school teacher, who named an earlier solo album after a work by Marcel Duchamp (The Bride Stripped Bare), just rolling out another in a series of playful allusions?

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